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Pinto Baseball Season Highlights

Wednesday, June 6th
Lions Club 6, Lallos 4
Really well played game by both teams. Excellent defensive plays and great pitching.

Tuesday, June 5th
Tri-K 13, City Wide Mattress 4
Two rain delays didn’t stop this game! Tri-K’s Carter Kenney (4 RBIs) scored the first 3 runs with a triple! Then Kooper Nurczyk (1 RBI) got a run in with his double. Maddox Lundeen (1 RBI), Carter Kenney and Nathan Kranz all had singles. City Wide’s Jon Borracci (1RBI) had a single. Pitching for City Wide was Jon Borracci, Landon Walker (1K), Murdoch (1K), and Brozek. Pitching for Tri-K was Maddox Lundeen (3K), Jackson Kenney (5K), and Josh Costa (1K).

Monday, June 4th
Carey Financial 9, VonHolten Vipers 10
This game was a heart stopping thriller! In the top of the 2nd Carey started the scoring when Jackson Clark (double) and Cole Clower earned hits and 4 runs for their team. The Viper's responded back immediately with patience at the plate earning 2 runs. In the top of the 3rd, Ben Clark hit for a fielder's choice RBI and Liam Holford hit for a double making the score 6-2 Carey. The Viper's, feeling confident, came out in the bottom of the inning swinging. Carter Andersen (triple), Braylin Caldwell (HR), Logan DeMarco and Alex Workman's hits managed to tie the game. Carey, was not giving up though. In the top of the 4th Cole Clower hit a monstrous 3 run homer for the lead. The game came down to the bottom of the 6th. With two outs recorded the Viper's still held hope. Jacob VonHolten started it off with his solo home run. Lucas DeMarco, Carter Andersen and Gianna Caldwell all walked to load the bases for Jaydan Hoover's walk off double. WOW! Both teams played a great game of baseball.

Saturday, June 2nd
Von Holten EyeCare 8, Tri-K 7
This was an intense pinto game. Tri-K took the lead early in the 1st when Jackson Kenny, Josh Costa (double), Carter Kenny and Maddox Lundeen all put the ball in play for 4 runs. The Von Holten Vipers finally came back in the 2nd. Patience at the plate and Braylin Caldwell, Alex Workman and Jaydan Hoover's (triple) hits put the Viper's in the lead. Tri-K tied the game in the 4th when Josh Costa (HR) and Kooper Nurczyk put the ball into play. The Viper's once again pulled ahead in the top of the 6th when Braylin Caldwell (triple), Logan DeMarco and Alex Workman all earned hits. Tri-K treatened in the bottom of the 6th but Logan DeMarco's outstanding pitching and excellent catch ended the game. Pitching for the Viper's was Gianna Caldwell (2K), Jaydan Hoover (5K), Carter Andersen, Braylin Caldwell (6K) and Logan DeMarco (2K). Pitching for Tri-K was Kooper Nurczyk (4K), Jackson Kenny, Carter Kenny (5K) and Josh Costa (6K).

Lallo's 13, City Wide 7
Another day for a great game of baseball played by these 2 teams. Hitting for Lallo's today was Brayden Franson (Double and Single), Will DeWalt (Homerun), Quinn Schiffbauer (Triple), Peyton Craig (Single, Double, Single). Hitting for City Wide was Cary Terrill ( 2 Singles), Lancaster (Double), and Brody Murdoch (Single). Pitching for Lallo's was Mason Cebrrzynski (4 k's), Jimmy Markham (1 k), Brayden Franson (6 k's). Pitching for City Wide was Terrill (3 k's), Borracci (2 K's), Fox (2 k's), Lancaster (1 k) and Davis (1 k). Good Job Boys!

Lions Club 10, Bedingers Bullpen 5
Several key players were missing from this game for both teams. This one was a bit of a walk fest on both sides but 2 key double plays by Lions Club proved to be the difference in what was another close game.

Friday, June 1st
Carey Financial 12,
Troutman Excavating 1
Carey Financial came out on this beautiful night with their hair on fire playing the top team in the Pinto division. They scored 5 runs in the first inning via hits from Cole Clower, Ben Clark, and Rickey Shaeffer. They were able to get a couple more runs in the second inning with a couple more hits from Clower and Clark. In Troutman's half of the second, Graham Lee hit a shot to rightfield that allowed him to circle the bases for a homerun. In the 3rd and 4th innings though, Liam Holford collected a couple hits for Carey Financial, including a double to pick up a couple RBIs. Brooks McKay also picked up a hit and an RBI in the 3rd for Carey Financial. Pitching for Carey was Clower (6K) and Holford (5K). Pitching for Troutman was Henry Kuchar (1K), Lucas Maul (4K), Diego Caldera (3K), and Johnny Sherman (3K).

Thursday, May 31st
Tri-K 12, City Wide Mattress 10
This game was won at the bottom of the last inning. For Tri-K, Josh Costa and Carter Kenney (2 RBIs) both had two singles while Maddox Lundeen (1 RBI) and Drake Marco (2 RBIs) each had a single. Tri-K made two outs at first off of Cary Terrill and Davis's hits. City Wide's Cary Terrill (3 RBIs) had a single and a double, Jon Borracci (1 RBI) had two singles, and Brody Fox (1 RBI) had a single. Pitching for City Wide was Brody Fox (3K), Jon Borracci (3K), Davis (1K), Cary Terrill and Landon Walker (1K). Pitching for Tri-K was Carter Kenney (2K), Maddox Lundeen (2K), Kooper Nurczyk (1K), and Josh Costa (2K and a catch to stop City Wide from scoring off of Jon Borracci’s hit in the last inning).

Wednesday, May 30th
Lallo's 12
, Von Holten 6
Lallo's came out of the dugout swinging their bats in the 1st inning with Brayden Franson leading off with a single, Will DeWalt hitting a triple (2 RBI's) and Quinn Shiffbauer hitting for a single (1 RBI). In the second we came back around to the top of the order with Caden Hrpcha gaining a single and a few other batters walking to bring up Will DeWalt hitting a hard hit ball for his second triple of the day (3 RBI's) and Quinn Schiffbauer hitting a hard hit Double. In the forth Lallo's reached base a few times with walks and ended the 5 run inning with Peyton Craig's single. The 5th and the 6th innings the bats went quite for Lallo's along with excellent pitching from Braylin Caldwell (5K's). Von Holten scored 1 run in the 2nd and 5 runs in the 3rd inning. Hitting for Von Holten was Gianna Calwell (single), Alex Workman (single), Jayden Hoover (Single), and Braylin Caldwell (triple). Pitcing for Lallo's tonight was Brayden Franson (4 k's), Caden Hrpcha, Quinn Schiffbauer (6 k's) and Will DeWalt ( 3 K's). Pitching for Von Holten was Alex Workman (5 k's), Jayden Hoover (3 k's), Carter Anderson, Gianna Caldwell (1 k) and Braylin Caldwell (5 k's). Good Game by both Teams.

Tuesday, May 29th
Lions Club 10, Bedingers Bullpen 7
A well played game by both teams. Everyone on Lions Club managed to reach base at least once including hits from Ashton Frederick, Michael Williams, Casey Knowles, Johnny Partridge, Gage Tayor, Vinny Mendoza and Jeramie Morris.

Thursday, May 24th
Tri-K 18, Bedinger's Bullpen 4
Everyone on Tri-K scored at least once but several scored twice. Jackson Kenney, Josh Costa, Carter Kenney, Drake Marco and Maddox Lundeen (2) all had singles. Josh Costa also hit a double and Carter Kenney hit a home run! Bedinger's Doug Bedinger had 2 singles and Evan Jenks had a triple and a single. Pitching for Bedinger's was Callie Walters, Doug Bedinger, Conner Walters, Austin Richardson and Evan Jenks. Pitching for Tri-K was Brody Stephenson (5K), Jackson Kenney (3K), Rollin Robison pitched for the first time and Josh Costa (3K).

Wednesday, May 23rd
Carey Financial 11, Lallos 5
On a perfect night for baseball, Carey Financial and Lallos played against each other for the second time in 4 days. To open the game, Carey Financial got a big double from Cole Clower to score Matthew Sarnecki and Brooks McKay. Lallos came back in the fourth inning though, scoring five runs after hits from Brayden Franson , Will DeWalt, and a huge bases-loaded triple from Quin Schiffbauer. Liam Holford tied the game in the bottom of the inning for Carey Financial on a three-run homerun. In the fifth inning, Carey kept going offensively with hits from Clower, Ben Clark, and a bases-loaded double from Reed Gummerson. Pitching for Carey Financial was Clower (5K), McKay (4K), and Clark (5K). Pitching for Lallos was DeWalt (5K), Franson (5K), and Mason Cebrzynski (2K).

Tuesday, May 22nd
Lions Club 7, City Wide Mattress 3

Sunday, May 20th
Troutman 16, Lion's Club 7

Lallo's 8, Carey Financial 6
This evenings game might have been one of the better games played by both teams. Both teams were ready at the gates and looking for a tough game and these boys played exceptionally well. Baseballs were being hit all over the field making each team field the ball and make excellent plays. I would like to congratulate all players from both teams. Starting with the hot bats from Lallo's was Brayden Franson (Hitting 2 for 3 sith 2 singles), Mason Cebrzynski (triple) being robbed of his 1st inside the park home run by a great play from Carey Financial, Will DeWalt and Quinn Shiffbauer hitting a double and triple a piece, Jimmy Markham hitting a double, Caden Hrpcha hitting the game winning Double for Lallo's, Layne Taylor with a single, and Peyton Craig with a single. Coming back to the hot bats of Carey Financial were Cole Clower (3 for 3 with 2 singles and a triple), Ben Clark with a Triple, Liam Holford (Single), and Reed Gummerson with a single. Pitching for tonight's game was Liam Holford (5K's), Ben Clark (6 K's) and Jackson Clark (3 K's). Pitching for Lallo's was Will DeWalt (2 K's), Brayden Fransen (6 K's), Quinn Schiffbauer (5 K's), Mason Cebrzynski (3 K's). Again, great games played by both teams and what a fun evening for baseball!!

Saturday, May 19th
Troutman 8, Tri-K 3

VonHolten EyeCare 13, City Wide Mattress 6
The VonHolten Vipers pulled off another victory in a fun game of baseball. The Viper's pulled ahead quickly in the top of the 1st with 4 RBI walks and Alex Workman's RBI single. In the bottom of the 1st Cari Terrill smashed the ball for a solo homerun putting City Wide on the board. The 2nd inning remained scoreless but the Viper's were back at it in the top of the 3rd. Alex Workman and Braylin Caldwell both hit to help pad the lead. In the bottom of the inning, Amanni Lancaster and Brody Fox both earned RBI singles which helped City Wide score an additional 5 runs. The Viper's ran away with the lead in the 4th when Jacob VonHolten, Jaydan Hoover, Logan DeMarco and Braylin Caldwell all put the ball in play. Pitching for City Wide was Brody Fox (2K), Jon Borracci (2K), Brody Murooch, Evan Bullis (3K), Damon Davis (2K) and Jason Brozek (1K). Pitching for the Viper's was Jaydan Hoover (5K), Jacob VonHolten (1K) and Braylin Caldwell (3K).

Carey Financial 14, Lion's Club 13
What a wild game! Both teams did their best to work with the difficult schedule of having two games in two days. Ben Clark led the offense for Carey Financial with a single, double, and triple. Brooks McKay and Ricky Shaeffer also collected their first hits of the season with solid singles. Brooks McKay, Ethan Heap, Ben Clark, Cole Clower, Jackson Clark, and Matthew Sarnecki all pitched for the winning squad. Playing great games for the Lions Club were Johnny Partridge (HUGE ground rule double), Knowles (single, three runs), Bertino (2 singles), Taylor (triple), and Vinnie Mendoza (triple).

Lallo's 16, Bedinger's Bullpen 5
Tonight's game started out with an inside the park home run off of the 1st pitch to Brayden Franson. Also hitting in the 1st for Lallo's was Mason Cebrzynski (single), and Jimmy Markham (Double). Pitching for Lallo's was Brayden Franson (3 strike outs), Mason Cebrzynski (1 strikeout and a big play by Jimmy Markham at 1st base with a heads up play for a double play), Caden Hrpcha (3 strikeouts), and Jimmy Markham (2 strikeouts). Hitting for Bedingers was Doug Bedinger with a single, and Evan Jenks (Triple) and Jackson Partain (Single).

Thursday, May 17th
Bedinger's Bullpen 0, Von Holten EyeCare 10
Tonight's game started off as a pitcher's duel. The game remained scoreless until the bottom of the 3rd when the Von Holten Viper's took control. Hitting for the Viper's was Jaydan Hoover (triple), Carter Andersen (single, triple), Alex Workman (single, double) and Jacob Von Holten (single). Hitting for the Bullpen was Evan Jenks (single) and Garrett Carlson (single). Pitching for the Viper's was Tucker Stobaugh (1K), Logan DeMarco (5K), Nick Domagalski (1K) and Alex Workman (5K). Pitching for the Bullpen was Dougie Bedinger (5K), Austin Richardson (2K), Connor Walters and Evan Jenks (2K).

Wednesday, May 16th
Lion's Club 11, Tri-K 2
A solid game played by Lions Club with contributions up and down the order. Each player reached base at least once and pitching was excellent.

Tuesday, May 15th
Carey Financial 8, City Wide Mattress 3
This was a very well played game by both teams on a perfect night for baseball. Carey Financial was led offensively by Cole Clower (1B & HR). Other players getting hits for Carey were Ben Clark (1B), Macklin Holford (1B), Liam Holford (3B), and Reed Gummerson (3B). Carey's pitchers were Clower (6K), Liam Holford (3K), and Ben Clark (5K). For City Wide, Cari Terrill led the way with a big double and triple, picking up all 3 RBIs for his team. Jon Borracci also had a single for City Wide. Pitching for City Wide was Brody Fox (6K), Terrill (6K), and Landon Walker (2K).

Monday, May 14th
Troutman Excavating 5, Lallos 4

Friday, May 11th
Tri-K 12, Von Holten EyeCare 13
This game stayed close the whole game. In the top of the 1st Carter Kenny (triple) and Maddox Lundeen hit for RBI's. The Von Holten Viper's responded back in the bottom of the inning when Alex Workman's double drove in two runs. In the top of the 2nd, Ricky Anderson had an RBI walk and Joshua Costa earned an RBI single but Alex Workman picked up a groundball (while playing shortstop) and tagged second base to stop Tri-K in their tracks. Braylin Caldwell's double and Jacob Von Holten's single helped the Viper's finally take the lead in the bottom of the 2nd. In the top of the 4th, Tri-K worked hard to fight their way back and tied the game. The Viper's had the last bat tonight and patience at the plate won the game. Pitching for the Viper's was Alex Workman (1K), Gianna Caldwell (4K), Carter Andersen (1K), Jaydan (2K) and Braylin Caldwell (3K). Pitching for Tri-K was Maddox Lundeen (3K), Carter Kenny (3K) and Joshua Costa.

Thursday, May 10th
Troutman Excavating 14, Bedinger's Bullpen 4

Wednesday, May 9th
Lallo's 6, City Wide Mattress 1

Monday, May 7th
Lion's Club 11, Carey Financial 1
In what was our best all around game, Lions Club scored at least 1 run in each inning. Matthew Morton, Cameron Hughes and Johnny Partridge reached 3 times and all scored runs. Ashton Frederick, Greyson Smith, Vinny Mendoza, Jeramie Morris and Frankie Bertino also scored and had great at bats each time up. Pitching was also fantastic including Johnny Partridge, Casey Knowles, Greyson Smith and Vinny Mendoza who threw a perfect inning with 9 strikes and 0 balls. So many of our boys are obviously improving and putting in the time at home. Well done guys!!

Sunday, May 6th
Troutman Excavating 13, Lallos 3

Tri-K 4, Carey Financial 1
The sun was shining bright today! Josh Costa started Tri-K off with a double, Kooper Nurczyk (2 RBIs) had two hits with one being a triple! Jackson Kenney (1 RBI) also hit a triple! Brody Stephenson (1 RBI) hit a double! Ricky Anderson also had a hit. Josh Costa scored twice. Carey Financial’s Ben Clark (1 RBI) had a double, Cole Clower had a hit and was the only scoring run. Tri-K’s Brody Stephenson made an outstanding double play in the 4th ending the inning. Pitching for Carey Financial was Ben Clark (6K), Liam Holford (6K) and Brooks McKay (3K). Pitching for Tri-K was Kooper Nurczyk (6K), Jackson Kenney (4K), Brody Stephenson (3K) and Josh Costa (3K).

Saturday, May 5th
Von Holten EyeCare 17, Bedinger's Bullpen 9
This high scoring, 4 inning, game was played well by both teams. The Von Holten Viper's took the lead early in the top of the 1st. Bedinger's put a run on the board in the bottom of the 1st when Garrett Carlson earned an RBI walk. The Viper's came out swinging in the 2nd: Alex Workman knocked in 2 RBI's with his single, Braylin Caldwell crushed the ball earning a 4RBI Grand Slam and Lucas DeMarco and Tucker Stobaugh also earned RBI's. Bedinger's added some runs to their book in the 3rd when Evan Jenks earned an RBI triple and Jackson Partain had a fileder's choice RBI. In the 4th Bedinger's tried to catch up with some RBI walks and Evan Jenks 2RBI single. Pitching for the Viper's was Lucas DeMarco, Gianna Caldwell (6K), Alex Workman (2K), Skyler Markee and Jacon Von Holten. Pitching for Bedinger's was Austin Richardson (2K), Connor Walter's (2K) and Evan Jenks (4K).

Lion's Club 8, City Wide Mattress 7
A really close game which could have gone either way. Lions Club got out to a big lead early on with runs being scored by Jeramie Morris, Johnny Partridge, Frankie Bertino, Cameron Hughes, and Greyson Smith in the first inning. A 2 run homer by Partridge in the 2nd inning gave Lions Club a 7-0 lead, but City Wide made a comeback with 7 runs of their own in the next 2 frames. Gage Taylor knocked in what proved to be the game winning RBI and Greyson Smith closed it out for the save. Great effort by both teams!

Thursday, May 3rd
Tri-K 12, Carey Financial 5
What a gorgeous night for baseball! Maddox Lundeen hit a Grand Slam in the 1st inning to start Tri-K off with a 6-0 start! Maddox Lundeen and Carter Kenney both had 2 hits, Kooper Nurczyk, Drake Marco and Josh Costa all had 1 hit each. Drake Marco, Jackson Kenney, and Josh Costa each scored twice. Carey Financial’s Ben Clark hit a homerun in the 2nd inning! In the 4th inning, Carey Financial scored 4 runs with some RBI walks, Matthew Sarnecki’s hit and Ben Clark’s double. Pitching for Carey Financial was Ethan Heap (1K), Jackson Clark (5K), Brooks McKay (3K), and Ben Clark (2K). Pitching for Tri-K was Carter Kenney (5K), Drake Marco pitched for the first time and struck out his first 3 batters (4K), Jackson Kenney came in with bases loaded and struck out the next two batters to end the inning and Josh Costa came in at the 5th inning striking out the first 3 batters to end the game.

Wednesday, May 2nd
VonHolten EyeCare 10, Lions Club 6
After a slight rain delay the sky opened up as if to say "Let's play some ball". The Von Holten Vipers started the scoring in the top of the 2nd when Jacob Von Holten hit an RBI single. We continued to score in the top of the 3rd when Lucas DeMarco hit a single, Gianna Caldwell hit an RBI double, Alex Workman and Braylin Caldwell hit RBI singles and Logan DeMarco and Jacob Von Holten earned RBI walks. The Lion's Club offense picked up in the bottom of the 3rd when Michael Williams hit a single, Casey Knowles hit an RBI triple and then Johnny Partridge and Gage Taylor earned RBI singles. In the top of the 5th, Alex Workman hit a RBI home run and Nick Domagalski and Tucker Stobaugh also earned RBI's for the Viper's. The Lions Club tried to come back in the bottom of the 5th when Johnny Partridge earned 2 RBI's and Frankie Bertino had an RBI. Pitching for the Lions Club was Casey Knowles (3K), Vinnie Mendoza (4K) Jermie Morris (3K) and Gage Taylor (3K). Pitching for the Vipers was Braylin Caldwell (6K), Logan DeMarco (3K) and Jaydan Hoover (6K).

Tuesday, May 1st
Troutman Excavating 14, City Wide Mattress 7

Monday, April 30th
Lallo's 11, Bedinger's Bullpen 1

Saturday, April 28th
VonHolten EyeCare 5, Lallo's 5
What an intense game! VonHolten Vipers started the scoring in the top of the 1st when Alex Workman earned an RBI walk. Lallo's came back in the bottom of the inning with a vengeance. Quinn Schiffbauer cleared the bases for a three RBI triple, Josh Przespolewski knocked in a run with his single and AJ Dagen received the last RBI of the inning when he walked. The vipers added another run to the board in the top of the 3rd when Alex Workman smashed the ball. In the top of the 5th the Vipers attempted to take the lead when Skyler Markee, Nick Domagalski and Lucas DeMarco crossed the plate. Due to the time limit, the game ended in a tie. Pitching for VonHolten was Nick Domagalski, Gianna Caldwell (4K), Alex Workman (6k) and Braylin Caldwell (3K). Pitching for Lallo's was Quinn Schiffbauer (3K), Jimmy Markham (5K), Brayden Franson (5K) and Will DeWalt (3K).

Carey Financial 4, Troutman 2
In what will probably be one of the best played Pinto games of the year, these two teams played a full six innings in 1:44. Both teams had players throwing strikes and throwing the leather all over the field. Ben Clark (5K), Liam Holford (5K), and Cole Clower (6K) were the pitchers for Carey. Graham Lee (2K), Babecki (3K), Cameron Dela Cruz (3K), Henry Kuchar (3K), and Deigo Caldera (6K) all threw for Troutman. On the offensive side of the ball, Carey was led by a two-run homerun by Jackson Clark, a solo shot by Cole Clower, and Ethan Heap, Reed Gummerson, and Evan Petrick all collected their first career hits. For Troutman, Caldera (1B, R), Dela Cruz (3B), and Lee (HR, 2 RBI) led the way.

Lions Club 6, Tri-K 4
This was a close game well played by both teams. Jeramie Morris led the team with 2 hits and a walk scoring 3 times and pitching a clean inning. Greyson Smith came into a bases loaded situation and kept the game tied as he got the final 2 outs of the inning. Cam Hughes stepped up with a 2 out single with the bases loaded which proved to be the winning RBIs. Way to go guys!

Friday, April 27
City Wide Mattress 12
, Bedinger's Bullpen 3
The stage was set. It was cold, rainy, and wind was coming in from the north. But it was time for baseball and that wasn't going to effect the players on the field as they kicked the dirt, picked grass, and picked their noses for some extra grip on the ball. City Wide Mattress ended up winning a great game against Bedinger's Bullpen 12-3. (I know it asks for first and last names, but I don't have them. Bare with me.) Evan from the Bullpen had an awesome triple in the game. Austin, Evan, Dougie, Logan, Callie, Christian, & Landon all reached safely in the game. City Wide's pitcher's turned in a great game. Brody Fox threw 2 innings, Landon Walker threw 1, and Carrie Terrill shut it down in the 4th. 10 out of the 12 players on City Wide reached safely and ran the bases well.

Thursday, April 26th
Troutman Excavating 2, Lion's Club 1

Wednesday, April 25th
Lallo's 13, Tri-K 4

Tuesday, April 24th
VonHolten EyeCare 16,
Carey Financial 8
WOW!!! Both teams had a smashing game! The ball was flying all over the field. Three Grand Slams were hit tonight. Although the score was high there were still some great plays made on the field for both teams. For VonHolten every single player reached base. Jayden Hoover (1-1, 2BB), Alex Workman (2-2, Dbl, BB), Lucas DeMarco (1-2, BB), Braylin Caldwell (2-2, Tpl, GS, BB) and Gianna Caldwell (1-2, GS, BB). For Carey Financial Ben Clark and Liam Holford hit singles and Cole Clower hit a monstrous grand slam. Pitching for Carey was Ethon Heap (1K), Ben Clark (5K), Liam Holford (4K), Brooks McKay (1K) and Jackson Clark (2K). Pitching for VonHolten was Logan DeMarco (4K), Carter Andersen, Braylin Caldwell (6K) and Jayden Hoover (1K).

Monday, April 23rd
City Wide Mattress 7, VonHolten EyeCare 10
Great game tonight boys! Both teams showed excellent patience at the plate which is what lead to a high score. For VonHolten, Lucas DeMarco, Alex Workman, Braylin Caldwell, Jacob VonHolten, Carter Andersen, Logan DeMarco and Brogan Seale all reached base every time they batted. For City Wide Carey Terrill, Amani Lancaster and Colton Johnson all smashed singles. Pitching for VonHolten was Alex Workman (5K), Carter Andersen (2K), Jayden Hoover (3K) and Gianna Caldwell (3K). Pitching for City Wide was Brody Fox (3K), Brody Muroch (1K) and Evan Bullis (2K).

Saturday, April 21st
Tri-K 11, Bedinger's Bullpen 0
Troutman Excavating 13, Von Holten Eye Care 2

City Wide Mattress 6, Carey Financial 5
In a game that was neck-and-neck throughout, City Wide Mattress won it in the bottom of the 5th inning with a clutch walk-off hit by Carey Terrill to drive in the winning run. Jackson Clark (3 BB, 3 R), Cole Clower (3 BB, 2 R), Brooks McKay (2 BB), and Ben Clark (1B) were the offensive leaders for Carey. Ben Clark (4K), Liam Holford (5K), and Brooks McKay (3K) all pitched for Carey. For City Wide, Landon Walker scored two runs, Brody Fox had a big double, and Lancaster and Todd both had singles earlier in the game before Terrill got his big hit. Terrill had 6K's, Fox had 2K's, and Landon Walker had 5K's. One of the plays of the game was turned in by Todd from City Wide who knocked down a bases-loaded smash from Ben Clark, and then grabbed the ball and beat the runner to second base to record the force out to end the top of the fifth inning.

Friday, April 20th
Lion's Club 10, Lallo's 5
Several contributions offensively for Lion's Club including Johnny Partridge, Casey Knowles, Gage Taylor, Frankie Bertino and Vinny Mendoza. Considering this was our first game of the year, very proud of the team all around.

Thursday, April 19th
Carey Financial 7,
Bedinger's Bullpen 5
Carey Financial won their first game of the season against Bedinger's Bullpen. In a game whose final score was 7-5, there was only one hit, by Dougie Bedinger in the bottom of the 5th inning. Ethan Heap and Cole Clower led Carey Financial with their pitching, each recording 6K's. Liam Holford and Ben Clark led the way each had two RBI's for Carey Financial. Evan Jenks recorded 6K's for Bedinger's Bullpen.

Tuesday, April 17th
Troutman Excavating 12,
Tri-K 3



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