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Pinto Baseball Season Highlights

Sunday, September 13th
Troutman Excavating 15
, Comfort First 8
Stonebriar 15, DNJ 0

Pizza 4 U 13, Bleuer Farms 8
Coming off from a long break, Pizza 4 U came to play with Kannon Mayer, Kyle Laken, Silas Eaton, Macklin Holford, and Sophia Eaton hitting singles right out of the gate. Silas and Macklin would each bring in an RBI, while Sophia brought in 2 RBIs assisted by the quick base running of Macklin and Silas. Mason Condon followed hitting a monster double with River Allen hitting an RBI single to bring the score to 5-0 at the top of the first. Up first, for Bleuer Farms, was Leo Schwinn who hit a beautiful ball that would have easily been a base hit if it wasn't for a spectacular catch by Kannon Mayer for the first out. Braden Davisson followed, hitting a solid grounder to right center that was picked up by Macklin Holford and, like a flash of lightning, was delivered to the glove of Kyle Laken at first base for the second out. The next four batters, Adam Quast, Connor Walters, Callie Walters, and Cole Parker got hits with the latter half each bringing in an RBI for a score of 5-2 to end the first inning. Pizza 4 U tried to pick up where it left off, with Alex Teiber and Parker Washkowiak each getting singles out of the gate. Later on in the inning, Kannon Mayer and Kyle Laken would also get hits, but Bleuer Farm was able to get the third out before Pizza 4 U could score. Opening up the third inning, after several walks, River Allen would bring Silas Eaton in on an RBI walk, but not before some friendly rivalry banter was had between Leo Schwinn and Silas Eaton on third base. The highlight of the third inning, was Parker Washkowiak's RBI single to bring the score to 7-2. Pizza 4 U's Kyle Laken once again quickly dispatched 3 of the 5 batters to hold Bleuer Farms from scoring in the bottom of the third. Going into the top of the fourth, Kyle Laken, having an all-around great game, would hit an RBI single closely followed by a well-placed 2 RBI double from Macklin Holford. To calm the storm that was starting to brew, Leo Schwinn took the mound to make his pitching debut. What an impression he made, striking out the first two batters of his Pinto career! One of which was Sophia Eaton. However, River Allen would not be intimidated, smacking an RBI single to bring home Silas Eaton. Regaining his composure, Leo Schwinn struck out the next batter to end the inning, 11-2 in favor of Pizza 4 U. The friendly rivalry between the Eaton's and the Schwinn's would only intensify as Silas would find himself pitching again to Bleuer Farm's Leo Schwinn in the bottom of the fourth with bases loaded and two outs. Not wanting to walk Leo Schwinn this time, Silas managed to best him for the third strikeout, ending the fourth inning 11-4. Going into the top of the fifth inning, Kyle Laken would again, hit an RBI single followed by Silas Eaton getting hit by pitch for the second time in three innings. But not for nothing, Silas would be rewarded with an RBI. Going into the bottom of the fifth inning, with a score of 13-4, Kannon Mayer would open with a strikeout. Later on he would be replaced by Sophia Eaton, who after a rocky start got in her grove and managed to quickly strikeout the final two batters ending the game 13-8, Pizza 4 U's favor.

Friday, September 11th
Stonebriar Enterprises 14,
Lion's Club 5

Thursday, September 3rd
Pizza 4 U 6,
Stonbriar Enterprises 5
In the first inning both teams put up 2 runs. Great hits and great fielding by all. Zac Fronek and Mason Feltz scoring for Stonbriar Enterprises while Silas Eaton and Collin Haake opened up with singles. Macklin Holford hit an RBI triple with Mason Condon bringing Macklin home on a single. The second inning was quiet for both teams with Sophia Eaton and River Allen each hitting singles for Pizza 4 U. Rilyn Wujek, Mason Feltz, and Blake Richardson also hit singles but neither team were able to capitalize. Heading into the top of the 3rd, Kyle Laken impressed the crowd with 3 straight strikeouts. Coming off from that high, Pizza 4 U's Collin Haake, Kyle Laken, and Macklin Holford each hit a single with Mason Condon getting an RBI walk ending the inning with Pizza 4 U up by two! Macklin's single also brought in another run. With the score close and a fierce determination in his eyes, Macklin Holford quickly shut down Stonbriar with 3 up and 3 down to go into the bottom of the 4th. Pizza 4 U was determined to put more distance between it and Stonbriar with Parker Washkowiak getting a single and Silas Eaton getting an RBI single. Collin Haake would get an RBI walk to end the 4th inning, 6 - 2 with Pizza 4 U in the lead. River Allen opened the 5th inning pitching some beautiful pitches, but Stonbriar, led by Caleb Weaver, Blake Richardson, Mason Feltz, and Zac Fronek had his number each hitting singles until Macklin Holford would made a fantastic catch and double play. With 3 balls and 1 strike on Martinez, Pizza 4 U's Silas Eaton took over the mound walking Martinez and striking out the next batter to end the inning with Pizza 4 U up by 2. Stonebriar was able to quickly strike out Pizza 4 U to end the 5th inning. Going into the top of the 6th, the score 6 - 4, Collin Haake took the mound in a nail biting inning. With bases loaded, 1 run walked in, two outs and a full count, Collin managed to strike out Zac Fronek to end the inning with Pizza 4 U winning 6 to 5.

Wednesday, September 2nd
Lion's Club 3,
Bleuer Farms 2

Saturday, August 29th
Lion's Club 11,
Comfort First 10
Bleuer Farms 6,Stonebriar Enterprises 7

Troutman Excavating 8, Pizza 4 U 3
The first inning of coach pitch, Troutman brought their gloves and played some excellent defense ending the inning with a double play by Zach Hulbert. Troutman began the bottom of the first with the first 6 batters getting on board, being led by the Paxon Brothers (Gavin and Liam) getting on base driving in 5 runs. End of the first inning Troutman 5 Pizza4U 0. The second inning began with Pizza4U bringing their bats, let by Silas Eaton, Kannon Mayer and Sophia Eaton crossing the plate. Pizza4U brought the gloves and ready to go in the bottom of the second holding Troutman to no runs. Top of the 3rd inning starting off for Troutman is Blake Laken on the mound, striking out the first hitter for Pizza 4 U, the second batter Blake faced a fierce hitter at the plate in his cousin Kyle Laken. Kyle got the better half of this hitter / pitcher duel and reached first base as well as the next hitter Colin Hoake with a base on balls. Blake gained his composure for Troutman and struck out the next two hitters for Pizza 4 U. Starting on the mound in the bottom of the 3rd inning for Pizza 4 U was Maclin Holford. After a quick start by Maclin, with 2 outs, Wyatt Celeski reached first base, and rounded the bases on a Zach Hulbert line drive. The next two hitters Blake Laken reached by BB and Jake Mrozek also was hit by a pitch. Showing great composure on the mound and able to pitch his way out of a few baserunners, Maclin blew the next three pitches past the Troutman hitter for perfect fast strikes ending the inning Troutman ahead 6 and Pizza 4 U 3. Zach Hulbert to start the 4th inning for Troutman, ending the inning quickly with a three up / three down, striking out the side. Bottom of the 4th inning some great pitching from Pizza 4 U also striking out the side of all three Troutman hitters. Some excellent pitching by both teams going into the top of the 5th inning Jake Mrozek started of for Team Troutman striking out the first three batters of Pizza 4 U. Bottom of the 5th Troutman started the inning off with a single by Nolan Bullis and a walk for Wyatt Celeski, a triple by Zach Hulbert scored Celeski and Nolan before the Pizza 4 U pitcher was able to record three outs with Troutman ahead 8 - 3 going into the Top of the 6th. Wyatt Celeski comes in to pitch the top of the 6th inning to strike out the first batter, and walking the second batter Condon. The 6th inning began with some base runners and Condon stealing second base while Kyle Laken was at the plate with only 1 out and 3 balls 1 strike the count, Wyatt Celeski sent a laser of a strike towards home plate only to be crushed back up the middle as a line drive back at Wyatt Celeski, the crowd sighed as the ball off Kyle Laken's bat was a hard comeback line drive up the middle and all of a sudden Wyatt puts up his glove catches the smashed ball by Kyle and turns and fires to second base to have the second double play of the game for Team Troutman ending the game. The crowd roared with excitement and Wyatt's parents were also relieved that their son has such a quick glove and no one was hurt from the shot hit by Kyle Laken. Troutman extends their unbeaten streak to 8-0 with a final score of Troutman 8 Pizza 4 u 3.

Thursday, August 27th
Pizza 4 U 11,
Both DNJ and Pizza 4 U opened the first inning with a bang and when the dust settled it was DNJ in the lead 4 to 3. Notable hits are the RBI from Sophia Eaton and 2 RBI double from Macklin Holford. For DNJ 4 runs were scored and all 9 batters got a chance to bat. Both teams added another 2 runs in the second inning. At the top of the third Collin Haake took the mound striking out 3 of 6 batters and walking the remaining. In the bottom of the third, Pizza 4 U tied it up with Alex Teiber's RBI single. Later in the inning, they'd take the lead with a well-placed RBI single from Parker Washkowiak. The score at the bottom of the third was Pizza 4 U 7, DNJ 6. Macklin Holford shutdown the top of the 4th with a catch and 2 strikeouts. In the bottom of the 4th, Abram Carter and Collin Haake both got a single followed by 3 walks. Macklin Holford and Alex Teiber's walks added another 2 runs for Pizza 4 U. Sophia Eaton again stepped up to the plate hitting a well-placed RBI single with bases loaded. DNJ would close out the bottom of the fourth inning, behind 11 to 6, but not before Silas Eaton's RBI walk. In the top of the 5th, Kyle Laken shook off hitting his first batter by striking out the next two batters. For DNJ, Nate Gonzales and Ryan Stanish would then hit singles. With bases loaded, Kyle Laken struck out the final batter to end the game.

Wednesday, August 26th
Bleuer Farm 5,
Comfort First 2

Tuesday, August 25th
Troutman Excavating 14, Lions Club 11
It certainly was a hot one ... Did I mention how hot it was? I am not sure how both teams were out there in the heat but some good baseball was had. Team Troutman was victorious to remain undefeated at 7-0 over the Lions Club. The game was super close with a final score of 14-11. Lions Club was lead by some excellent hitting lead by Sealea, Kilgore and Landon Dixon with a Home Run. Jackson white also getting on base and Wojowsic another homer to score in Maul and White all in the 1st innning. Second inning some great fielding was had and Team Troutman escaped with giving up zero runs in the second. Leading the first two innings of coach pitch was the Lions club 5-4 over Troutman. The third inning started with Blake Laken on the mound giving up one run , 3 walks and finishing the inning with 3 K's. It was brutally hot, but the Lions Club takes the field and Gavin Paxon leads off with a walk. Second batter the Lions Club faced was a strike out and then a single by Zach Hulbert started off the 3rd run rally with a bases clearing triple from Jake Mrozek. The Lions Club quickly pulled it together with a strike out but not before Troutman scored 5 runs with the inning over. Team Troutman to start off the 4th inning on the mound with Zach Hulbert recording 3 straight strikeouts from the mound. Troutman 9 Lions Club 6 going into the bottom of the 4th inning. Team Troutman started with a wallk and a single to start then a rocket by PJ Lanssen scoring Gavin Paxon and Nolan Bullis. Score at the bottom of the 4th is Troutman 14 Lions Club 6. On the mound for Troutman was Nolan Bullis, struck out 2 immediately, but the good eyes of The Lions club loaded the bases and a base clearing home run by Landon Dixon put the Lions Club within reach until Wyatt Celeski came in and finished the 5th inning with a strike out to end the inning for Troutman. The Sixth Inning all the kids were exhausted and Jake Mrozek finished out the mound for Troutman with a final score 14 - 11. Great baseball was played and it was exhausting I am sure for not only those playing but those in the stands! Great job to the coaches and all the parents from both teams cheering them on in the heat. Troutman Notables - Jakub Sluga 3 innings behind the plate catching doing a beautiful job as well as 2 walks and a single from the plate.Jake Mrozek 2-3 two triples, Zach Hulbert 3-3 all singles. Lions Club Notables : Landon Dixon 2 HR, Jackson White 2BB and a single, Wojowsic HR.

Saturday, August 22nd
Lion's Club 15, Pizza 4U 8
Comfort First 9, Stonebriar Enterprises 13
Bleuer Farm 18, DNJ 2

Thursday, August 20th
Stonebriar Enterprises 13, DNJ 7

Wednesday, August 19th
Troutman Excavating 12, Comfort First 7
Hard fought battle by both teams.Comfort First came out ready to play taking the early lead 3-2 over undefeated Troutman. The Comfort First boys brought their bats in the third inning adding to their total making it 4. Troutman got on track in the third inning putting up 5 runs, leading the charge at the plate and scoring for Troutman was Ben Adelman, Wyatt Laska and Nolan Bullis. Score at the end of the third inning 5-4 Troutman in the lead. Wyatt Celeski began the 4th inning of kid pitch recording 3 strikeouts. Laterowics started on the mound for Comfort First fanned 3 of Troutman batters but not after runs were scored by Blake Laken, and Jake Mrozek. End of the 4th Troutman 7 Comfort First 4. Troutman picked up 5 runs in the top of the 5 leading the attack was Wyatt Celeski with a bases clearing 2 run triple scoring Nolan Bullis and Gavin Paxon. Adding to the attack was Zach Hulbert and Blake Laken being brought across the plate by Jake Mrozek. At the end of the Top of the 5th score is Troutman 12 and Comfort First 4. Jake Mrozek quieted the Comfort First attack in the 5th inning by recording 3 strike outs after a single by the first batter up for Comfort First . The final inning on the mound for Troutman was Gavin Paxon, Comfort first began the inning with some great shots up the middle and getting some runners on base and moving them to score. Comfort First managed to pick up 3 runs before a composed Gavin Paxon quieted the onslaught with 2 strikeouts and some great field work from Nolan Bullis. Final score Troutman 12 Comfort First 7. Well played game by both teams and some excellent baseball and many outs were had and made by both teams. This was a quick one as we ended the game in just under an hour and a half. That should indicate the great baseball that was played by both teams.

Tuesday, August 18th
Pizza 4 U 13, Bleuer Farms 3
In the top of the first, for Bleuer Farms, Adam Q and Connor Walters hit singles, however, it was Pizza 4 U that was first to score when Macklin Holford hit an RBI double. Ryker Nodine further capitalized on the situation with a perfectly placed 2 RBI single. With Pizza 4 U up by 3, the game came alive again in the 3rd inning with Callie Walters, Adam Q, and Connor Walters scoring for Bleuer Farms, tying it up. They were assisted by a big hit to center field by Leo Schwinn. Pizza 4 U answered with 7 hits and 4 runs from Kyle Laken, Macklin Holford, River Allen, Collin Haake, Kannon Mayer, Mason Condon, and Abram Carter. Kyle Laken showed his skills striking out 3 of 4 batters in the top of the 4th. Coming off from that excellent pitching, Macklin Holford hit his second double of the game bringing in 1 run in the bottom of the 4th. Not to be shown up, Collin Haake hit a 1 RBI double and Kannon Mayer helped him along with a single followed by Sophia and Silas getting to base on balls. Sophia's walk brought in another run. Going into the top of the 5th, Silas Eaton came out of the gate swinging, striking out the first two batters for Bleuer Farms before Adam Q got a single followed by a double from Connor Walters. The pressure of facing his best friend, Leo Schwinn, was too much for him and he was walked. Shaking that off, Silas came back with a vengeance striking out the next batter to close the inning with no runs and stranding 3 base runners. Going into the bottom of the 5th, the ever-consistent Alex Teiber continued his successful streak of getting on base 3 of 4 at bats with a hit at all at bats. He and Abram Carter would later score. Macklin Holford shut down any chance of a Bleuer Farm come back in the top of the 6th by striking out 3 of 5 batters.

Saturday, August 15th
Lions Club 8, Stonebriar Enterprises 10
Hard fought game back and forth between both teams. Great plays made in the field, great hitting and solid pitching from both teams!

Troutman Excavating 11, Bleuer Famrs 8
Troutman was victorious over Bleuer Farms 11 - 8 Saturday in the blistering heat. Troutman battled back in the 5th inning to secure the victory. Bleuer farms had some good eyes and very balanced their attack with bases loaded and scoring when possible. As the bases were loaded, Wyatt Celeski came in to pitch for Troutman in relief striking out the remaining 3 hitters to calm the storm put on by Bleuer Farms. The 5th inning was loaded with action, beginning with Bleuer Farms Callie Walters hitting a screamer for a triple. Bleuer Farms closed out the top of the 5th up 1 run over Team Troutman. To start the bottom of the 5th inning Troutman's PJ Janssen and Zach Hulbert getting on base. With 1st and 2nd base occupied, Blake Laken cleared the bases with a 3 run homer clearing the center field fence, to put Troutman up by one at the end of the 5th inning. The stellar pitching in the top of the six by Zach Hulbert closed out the victory for team Troutman. Team Troutman Notables : Liam Paxon 3 for 3, Wyatt Celeski 3 for 3 with a triple, Blake Laken 3 for 3 with a HR, Jakub Sluga 2-3. Team Bleuer Farms Notables : Adam Quast 2-3, Callie Walters 2 for 3 with a Triple. Adam Quast also recorded 3 strikeouts from the mound

Thursday, August 13th
Lion's Club 15, DNJ 8

Wednesday, August 12th
Troutman Excavating 11, Stonebriar Enterprises 8
Tough fought pitching dual for both sides. Great baseball played today by both teams!

Tuesday, August 11th
Pizza 4 U 16, Comfort First 7

Sunday, August 9th
Lion's Club 9, Bleuer Farms 8

Saturday, August 8th
Stonebriar 16, Pizza 4 U 10
Troutman Excavating 16, DNJ 5

Thursday, August 6th
Troutman Excavating 19, Pizza 4 U 5

Wednesday, August 5th
Lion's Club 8, Comfort First 4

Tuesday, August 4th
Stonebriar Enterprises 13, Bleuer 8

Saturday, August 1st
Pizza 4 U 14, DNJ 1
Bleuer Farms 12, Comfort First 2

Troutman Excavating 13, Lions Club 5
Pinto baseball Saturday August 1st had Team Troutman victorious over the Lions Club 13-5. Game began with a rocket off the bat of Gavin Paxon from Troutman for a game starting home run. Leading off the Kid pitch season for Troutman was Blake Laken who recorded 3 strikeouts. The Lions Club starting pitcher Jackson White was fierce as well striking out a few batters himself. Gavin Paxon, the lefty started out the second inning on the kid pitch mound for Team Troutman vs. Landon Dixon for the Lions club. Landon faced few hitters in his mound debut with some lasers thrown for strikes, however Wyatt Laska was able to get the bat on the ball for a brief foul ball. Notables Troutman: Gavin Paxon 3-4 with a HR and made his pitching debut on the mound, Wyatt Celeski 2-4 with a double and Zach Hulbert 2-3 with a double and 3 strikeouts from the mound.

Notables Lions Club: Walton 3-4 with a Triple, Landon Dixon 2-3 and a few strikeouts from the mound, Jackson White added to the strikeout count for the Lions and 1-3 from the plate.

Great fun was had by both teams, glad baseball is back and enjoyed by all in the field and the stands!




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